Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Management Careers in Media - Mobile Marketing

There are several management jobs in media. With so many technological advances, we have shaped our media, and now, in turn, the media is shaping our lives, the way we function. A media management career today does not necessarily mean a career in the traditional mass media, but also in the world of social media and the mobile media.

Let us look at an interesting career in media - Mobile Marketing Manager.

A mobile marketing manager has to be a multi-tasking individual, being able to create, design, as well as execute mobile marketing campaigns. This management career involves devising mobile marketing strategies, analysis of the implemented strategy and most importantly, it requires a person who understands the latest 'trends' in the mobile world.

A management career in mobile world also involves market analysis and ability to target key customers and trends. The mobile marketing manager should be able to conduct market research and identify new marketing opportunities. The responsibility also involves ability to monitor, manage and improve the company's image and the product's image. 

The career is exciting, fascinating, and at the same time, exhausting. It is deadline dependent and requires long hours on the computer. As a manager in mobile marketing field, you can forget any social life except on social media, at least in the beginning of your career. However, the job of a media manager in mobile media is result oriented, so it can also become a very high paying job.

Just be good in analytics and have good creative skills, apart of course from management skills, be totally dedicated, and you will be there in a couple of years. 

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A career in mobile marketing requires people with multiple skills. They should be able to not just devise marketing strategy, but also be able to give creative inputs, and sometimes, be able to use their graphic designing skills to make the promotion material. It requires skills in graphic designing, at least some knowledge in 2D and 3D animation, good communication skills, good writing skills, and intensive management training. 

The number of management jobs in media are increasing, with specialists required not just by media organizations, but also other corporate organizations who now have realized the potential of mobile media and the social media. One of the best media schools in India, DGMC or Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media studies offers a 2 year, full time, AICTE approved PGDM in Media, with specialization in Media and Entertainment and Advertising and Communication. This premier media school offers intensive creative training as well as management training focused on the Media and Communication Industry.

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