Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Samsung, Apple, et al.

I have a problem. Its a bloody small little big problem. I had decided to present myself a tablet to celebrate my becoming a Doctor in Philosophy and all that. The euphoria of getting the degree is already gone, but I still haven't bought myself a tablet. Now you may wonder what prevents me from doing that? Well here comes my small little big problem....

My expections from a tablet are quite simple. I should be able to do basic editing of Word and Powerpoint documents and I should be able to connect it to an LCD projector. I thought I would be able to just breeze into a store and come out with a tablet of my choice. But no. The Samsung, Apple, Acer, Android, IOS and Windows Gods have ganged up against me.

No Samsung tablet can be connected to VGA LCD projector with a single cable. You require one HDMI output cable, to which you attach a HDMI to VGA converter and that too requires a power source. After hunting in the Internet jungle I found no solution which guarantees that this convoluted solution will work. There was one cable by iKross. Just to make sure, I asked them over e-mail and they replied that it would not work with Powerpoint. So whats the bloody point? So ALL Android devices are useless for me.

So you might ask me why not buy an iPad and stop cribbing. Well the iPad is a great tablet, but I am stuck with whatever memory I buy. Unlike Android tablets, iPads don't have a USB port to expand memory.

So now? I decided to buy a Windows 8 tablet. Its very funny how these companies treat us, Indians. I had decided to buy the Acer W510 tablet. I went to the dealer and said I want to see the machine. He said I have to first buy it! There was one available in Croma, but they refused to allow me to test it with the keyboars dock. So I contacted the Acer sales team. The Acer sales team is one of the most unresponsive and rude sales teams I have ever encountered. They don't pick up calls and they don't return them too. They don't respond to SMSs. I use an Acer netbook and am very fond of it. But this experience has definitely turned me off Acer.

I then hunted again and I think I have found just what I am looking for. Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2. Its a Windows 8 machine so I will be able to use all the software I need. Plus it actually has an accessory to connect to a VGA projector! I called up a Lenovo exclusive store and the story repeated. I have to buy the tablet first to test it! Why do these companies have 'Exclusive' stores where you can't get a hands-on experience on an equipment before you decide on purchasing it?

I am awaiting a call from Lenovo now. Hoping that my fortunes will change and I do end up buying the tablet I want.