Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Microsoft puts Office 365 in the cloud, confronts Google

An interesting development. Click ---> Microsoft puts Office 365 in the cloud, confronts Google

Recently Nokia chose Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS over Google's Android. Though I personally feel that they are a bit late, because Google is not going to sit idle till the new Windows powered Nokia phones come out (In 2012!). And now this development is going to generate a lot a heat.

Let's enjoy the war, because whatever the outcome I am sure the consumers/users will benefit. Probably at a little extra cost, though.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Domain names - an interesting development

Till now we had to book domain names with generic Top Level Domain names. Which means we had to choose between .com, .net. .info, .in etc. Now the rules have changed at least for those who can afford it. Do read this article:


Sunday, June 19, 2011

You don't need a high end camera to shoot a feature film...

A few months back, I took a decision to buy Kodak Zi8 cameras for my students. Many were apprehensive about these cameras when I revealed it to them during our study tour. I am sure some thought I had gone crazy. But these cameras are full high definition (1920X1080) with excellent picture quality and also took great stills (5.3 MP).

Now that they have been used for projects, I suppose my students are happy. Though the lens of the camera is rather small, like that of a mobile phone and it's not so great in low light, in normal light, the results are fantastic. It also has an audio jack to attach an external microphone and facility to mount it on a standard tripod.

Today I read an interesting article in the TOI. Here's the link:


Electronic Media students should understand that this is the technology of the future. Our Department is ready for it, well... almost. I still think we can buy a few more items, which I hope to in this financial year.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Source: www.indiatimes.com (Pl. click on blog title for the original article)

Indian government backed ambitious low-cost tablet project is finally set to take off.  And the tablet comes with fantastic specifications especially when you look at the price tag of just Rs.2200/-. It is a  7-inch touchscreen tablet with inbuilt keyboard, video conferencing facility, multimedia content, Wi-Fi, USB Port, 32GB hard drive and 2GB RAM. The tablet will support Open Office, SciLab and Internet browsing. 

I have been waiting for Indian companies start competing with the international firms in the market for a long time now. If this tablet lives up to expectations, we could be having a price war, benefitting the consumer.

So let's keep our fingers crossed and wish the very best for this tablet.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10 things that will annoy the hell out of your Web site visitors

Making websites is one thing, making them work is another and then keeping those visitors on your site is one more art. Now here's an article that tell us what annoys the visitors. Click on the text below:

10 things that will annoy the hell out of your Web site visitors

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

World's biggest Internet test on Wednesday

Here is an interesting article I just read on rediff.com:

If on Wednesday you find it difficult to connect to websites, such as Facebook or Google, don't worry these sites, along with hundreds of others, will be running the world's biggest test to make the Internet a much bigger place.
Currently, the online world runs Internet Protocol version 4, but with new addresses, or websites, being added every day, the system is running out of space to host these addresses, therefore Internet companies will carry out a test on Wednesday to check IPv6 compatibility. According to Arin (the American Registry for Internet Numbers), the number of IPv4 addresses will be exhausted before the end of 2011.
Think of it this way: When a telephone company runs of out of digits, it adds one more number. The same rule applies to Internet.
Read this article on rediff.com here: