Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Whereto, Media Education?

There is a tendency among many media students to say that they have learnt video editing, just because they know how to use a video editing software, like the Final Cut Pro - FCP as it is called, Adobe Premiere Pro, or one of the many such software. But does that make you an 'Editor'?

Frankly, NO. What you become when you learn these software is a button pusher, who is able to line up the raw footage, cut, and move the clips as you want. Maybe you also learn to give some transitions and special effects that are available. You are just a machine operator and NOT an editor. So what makes a good editor?

An editor is the one who understands the story, is in complete sync with the director of the movie, and is able to tell the story visually exactly as the director wants, create the director's vision, while contributing and suggesting the shots that are available to the director. An editor is the one who site BEHIND the button pusher, the one on the machine. An editor know WHY a particular shot should be put just there, and exactly on which frame the clip should be cut.

So what do you want to become? An editor, or a button pusher? Remember, being the operator of the software too, is not a bad idea. Just be clear about what you want and what you claim to be.