Sunday, June 19, 2011

You don't need a high end camera to shoot a feature film...

A few months back, I took a decision to buy Kodak Zi8 cameras for my students. Many were apprehensive about these cameras when I revealed it to them during our study tour. I am sure some thought I had gone crazy. But these cameras are full high definition (1920X1080) with excellent picture quality and also took great stills (5.3 MP).

Now that they have been used for projects, I suppose my students are happy. Though the lens of the camera is rather small, like that of a mobile phone and it's not so great in low light, in normal light, the results are fantastic. It also has an audio jack to attach an external microphone and facility to mount it on a standard tripod.

Today I read an interesting article in the TOI. Here's the link:

Electronic Media students should understand that this is the technology of the future. Our Department is ready for it, well... almost. I still think we can buy a few more items, which I hope to in this financial year.