Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Choosing the right media career - for YOU

There are literally hundreds of career options in Media. But which one is the right one for you? I get many students who have the wrong notion of what the Industry is about. Some come in with stars in their eyes, seeing only the glamour that is associated with the media. They either want to become actors, news anchors, or someone who is seen on screens.
There are some who think they are great photographers, cinematographers, or DOPs (Director of Photography) as they are called now. But making those short films using a handycam, shooting a documentary with a DSLR does NOT mean that you become a DOP overnight.
Or just because you have directed a couple of short films does NOT make you a Director in the Industry.
Some also are very passionate about going into film production. I have seen many students who, after a few days find that job exhausting, and learn the hard way that they are not fit for the production side. There is also a notion that just because you do a course in Management in Media, you get a management position (which pays more) in media!
I have also met many who think they know all about digital marketing just because they have some great posts on their FB and Instagram accounts, or have a good number of followers. Again, just that much is NOT Digital Marketing.
I am definitely NOT trying to discourage you all. Because there I have so many of my former students who, despite the hardships, 18 - 19 hour days,  exhaustion, still enjoy their job in production. I have many who have learnt the ropes after a lot of hard work and are reaping the benefits, earning super salaries. Some of my students have become independent producer too, while some know much more than me now in Digital Marketing.

What is important is that you should think hard, understand your strengths and weaknesses and recognize them. Don't fool yourself, because the Industry is very clear about one thing... it does not recognize your religion, caste, creed, or your financial status. It recognizes ONLY professionalism.
There HAS to be a balance between your knowledge, your passion, and your skills. Just because you are good at something may not necessarily translate into a rewarding profession - for you.
It is good to look up to someone, but it is important that you make your own way, tread your own path and make a fantastic career in media.
I invite everyone who wishes to make a career in media to meet me. If you have the inclination, I have the time! (Pun intended).
Send me an email, or call 022 39554277 / 78 to fix up an appointment with me. If some of you wish to come in together, you are welcome. We can have a counseling session. I am OK with individuals, or groups.
Come, let's meet. I am Director, MET institute of Mass Media, Bandra. I am giving a brief intro below. You may also email me on my personal email ID:

The author is Director, MET Institute of Mass Media, Bandra, Mumbai. 
MET IMM offers a 360o  practical, hands-on approach with live projects in all its 
Advanced PG Courses in Mass Media Management in 

Entertainment (Film, Television and Digital Media Production)
Digital Marketing
Journalism and Public Relations. 


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