Friday, June 12, 2015

Media Economics with Mallika Sherawat

No. I haven't gone crazy. Before you form your first impressions on 'seeing' those words, wait. Do read on before you make any assumptions.

Let me continue with what I wrote before. The first glance - pehli nazar is so important, because you tend to immediately form an opinion about someone, or some thing. This has also been researched in the context of websites. A study by Lindgaard in 2006 showed that a visitor could take less than 500 milliseconds to decide whether to stay on a website or simply move on. The more aesthetically pleasing your website is, better the stickiness (tendency of the viewer to remain glued to the website) of the website.

So isn't it natural that the sexy, and beautiful Mallika Sherawat's website would not only attract viewers, but also keep them on the website for a longer time? What's that got to do with Media Economics? A LOT, my freinds, a lot.

(Picture source:

Do visit her website. Here's the link:

On the home page, you have a photograph, and the caption clearly says that the website is hosted in association with Enter the website and you see a video on the left, a sexy picture of the beautiful actress standing on the right, and links to several sections/pages of the website. That's Visual Communication!

But Whoa! What's there on the top? Google Ads - Barbie dolls!!!. And then beside Mallika's standing picture? Advertisement by Amul! Utterly Butterly Delicious? Mallika? And at the bottom of the page? Another Google ad - this one of - hold your breath - Zee Institute of Media. Now that's very, very intelligent.

Agreed, that they are all Google Ads, but then, people who handle these brands/products might be specifying the sites on which their ad should appear? And even if they don't directly specify, look at the revenue flows. The advertisers are charged by several methods including pay-per-click method. Now that's Media Planning and Buying (credit goes to my friend and colleague Mr. Kamal Bhagtani for this - he does not exist - he is not on Facebook!). Look where the advertising revenue is going. Now that's Media Economics.

Need I really say more? This is how you learn Media Economics, apart from the books. See the practical application of the concepts you learn about marketing, product placement, advertising, and promotions. This is how you learn the practical application of Visual Communication and how can it be used to attract the target audience.

This is the list of companies/products/brands that have advertised on Mallika Sherawat's website:

Barbie - Barbie in Princess Power
Zee Institute of Media
Acme Oasis - Construction Company
Microsoft Azure
Official Dubai Ad for vacations- Plan you Dubai vacation today
Coke Studio@MTV
Go Daddy - Dainik Bhaskar
Amul Butter
Fashion and You - Exclusive Shopping for Women
Ask Me Bazaar
Hiba Party Suits
Saarthi Group
Sobha Developers
Facebook Page on the film Politics of Love
Marriot Hotel
Godrej Properties
Bharti Axa Life Insurance
Sheltrex Group
The First Group Dubai
Khemani Group
Portea Medical
Runwal MyCity
Wadhwa Group

Talk about Media Economics now!

Lastly, you have to give credit to Mallika Sherawat. Not only has she made optimum use of her website, right from associating with, but she also sells space on her website. She, or her consultant does space selling - media selling very intelligently. An actress who 'literally exploded on the Indian screen', has successfully made inroads in Hollywood, and whose famous quotes include

"I am single. Waiting for a man who has more balls than me."

or has this to say about the media,

"Whew! Did I say too much? Will I offend these linguistically challenged gossip columnists posing as Journalists whose writing is pathetic than my acting."

she certainly knows how to use the media and make money. Whew, I wish I was sexy too!!! Could have made some money through my website.

Mallika, are you listening?