Friday, March 15, 2019

Digital Mutants - A Reality?

In my last two posts I have written about Digital Mutants, as a hypothesis based on observation, experience and pure guesswork. I am not a prophetic, and certainly not Marshall McLuhan. When I wrote about Digital Mutants, it was just an idea, so I decided to do some research. What I read is not surprising, and at least partly vindicates my stance. 

Here is a small review of the literature I have found:

A study done by researchers in Kings College, London found that there is a 39 per cent difference in the DNA of the highest and the lowest users of social media. They have attributed inherited genetic factors rather than environmental effects to these differences. You can read the full articles here:

Another interesting article detailed what neuroscientist, writer and broadcaster Baroness Susan Greenfield addresses in her recent book entitled “Is Social Media Changing our Brain? You can get the gist of in this short video:

Another study found that 48 percent of the individual differences in CIUS (Compulsive Internet Use Scale) score were influenced by genetic factors. Here's the link to the research article:

I also found an article which says meditation can alter your DNA which is essentially a psychological process affecting your physiology. For research minded readers, there are several articles and research papers online. In conclusion, scientists and researchers will prove if I am right or wrong. 

For me, the world of Digital Mutants is a reality.

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