Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Selecting the Best Media Institute for your PG

So are you done with your graduation? Just appeared for your final exams? And now looking forward to join a PG Course in Media, Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Film making, Television, Digital Marketing?

There are several courses and institutes. But how do you choose? Here are some tips:
  1. Look at the syllabus: Check out the syllabus of the institute. Is it updated? Ask the institute when it was last updated. Does it include the latest requirements by the industry?
  2. Check out the faculty: Media training requires faculty that are trained in the latest techniques and technology. It requires working journalists, working PR professionals, film makers, ad professionals, because that is what gives you the edge over others. See how many faculty are in-house, and check their qualifications and experience in media. Check the list of faculty on the website of the institute.
  3. Contact students, get a feedback: Either when you visit the institute, or search online, connect with students who study in the institute. ASK them how their college/institute is, how is the teaching/learning, etc.
  4. Connect with the alumni: One of the best parameters to judge the standing of an institute is its alumni. Find out from the institute, get names and contact the alumni. If a institute hesitates to give you names of students or alumni, you know what that means!
  5. Industry Connect: How many people from the industry visit the campus? How many come in for guest sessions and regular lectures? What is their qualification? Standing in the industry?
  6. Infrastructure and Equipment: Media training CANNOT be taught only in classrooms. Does the institute have a studio, shooting floor, audio recording facilities / recording studio? Does is have a green screen, blue screen? Are students allowed to make sets for their shoots? Does the institute have video editing lab? Does the institute have cameras and lights? ASK these questions. Don't hesitate. It's your right to know.
  7. Internships and Placements: Do you get internship from the institute, or you are left on your own? Which organisations are the students interning with? How many organisations keep returning to the institute for interns?Same with Placements. Where are the students placed? Do students get to make a choice? How many chances do the students get for placements?
  8. MUST visit the institute:You MUST visit the institute before you decide. NEVER fall for beautiful looking brochures and hand-outs. Also, don't believe everything just because it's on the website. VISIT, ASK QUESTIONS. See for yourself the facilities, speak to students, connect with the alumni.
Remember, this is the last frontier before you enter the industry. The industry worships only one thing - PROFESSIONALISM and PROFESSIONAL TRAINING. So be sure, and make an educated choice.

I wish you the very BEST for your future in the world of media.

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The author is Director, MET Institute of Mass Media, Bandra, Mumbai. 
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