Friday, June 22, 2018

BMM Graduate? But are you industry-ready? Employable?

What does it take to be job-ready, to take on the media world? Most academic programmes in media in India, offer several courses in all forms of media. Most courses are good, following a standard syllabus, mostly as per the guidelines given by UNESCO. Many institutes, however, lack the basic infrastructure and equipment required to train students in the modern form of media content creation. I have many friends across the country who can vouch for that.
It is always a struggle for institutes to keep adding the latest infrastructure and equipment, simply because whatever we buy is already redundant in this technology driven sector. However, the fact remains that equipment and curricula need to be revised as and when required, catering to industry needs, to make our students employable. It is sad that in many places, curricula are designed based on the capabilities of the faculty involved, rather than what is needed.
Today, after taking a feedback from the industry, it is clear that our media students lack in basic PRACTICAL skills in writing, film making, news reading, editing..... in general in CREATING content. Most have been taught the camera without being allowed to touch it. Institutes do not have the basic video editing software, and if available, there aren’t enough editing suites for students to practice. Writing skills are almost nil - not because students are dumb, but because our education system has been largely ignoring language skills.
So what should the students do?
Create content. As much as you can. Put it online. Start a blog, make one-minute films, make documentaries that show off your story telling skills, writing skills, and film making skills. The industry requires PROOF of what you can do.
Also you need to get trained. Get a training in an institute where you are given intensive, hands-on practical training, and your practical assignments are themselves your examinations. Go to an institute where you learn to create content for all forms of media.
Get ready for the industry folks, because this industry does not tolerate mediocrity. You will be booted out in no time if you are not a professional, or remain in the abyss of extras and low paying jobs.

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