Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Pandit and the Boatman - Theory and practical knowledge

I suppose everyone knows about this story of the Pandit and the Boatman from Kashmiri folklore. No? Well, here it is...

Once a Pandit hired a boat to cross a river. Bored, he asked the boatman whether he had read the Upanishads. When the boatman replied in negative, the Pandit said that he had wasted his life. With every such question, the Pandit kept saying how the boatman had wasted his life.

Suddenly, the boatman asked the Pandit if he knew swimming. The Pandit replied that he had read all the books about swimming. The boatman replied, "Then you better put what you read into practice because the boat is sinking!" The river water had risen and it was raining heavily by now.

Needless to say, the Pandit started drowning. The boatman said, "You have wasted all your life by just reading about swimming. You should have also practiced."

(Image Source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/jc8XyK2bPgI/hqdefault.jpg)

Though theoretical knowledge is immensely valuable, it is useless if you don't put it into practice, at least in the media profession. And that is so true in all forms of media. Simply knowing how a camera functions, or how to make a film is just not enough. You need to practice what you learn. The more you write, the more films you make, the better you get.  Sadly, media education today is more about theory than practical training. As a media educator, I have been trying to make changes in the teaching-learning methodology.

Today, at MET Institute of Mass Media, I have been able to put together a syllabus which provides more than 75% media training in an intensive, hands-on practical format. We have also made sure that the marks our students get during these practical exercises are their final marks. This makes us devise newer ways to make our sessions more fruitful and also puts an onus on the students to do better.

How does that benefit students? By the time they complete their course, they are employable and industry ready. Learn more about our courses. Visit our website, or visit our campus, or call 02239554277 / 02239554275.

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