Monday, August 16, 2010

At last, an Indian vernacular language translation tool

This is what I have been waiting for. A tool, a software that can translate (not transliterate) English into Indian languages and vice-versa. Kudos to IIIT Hyderabad and the IITs who have collaborated, to have come up with such a tool - Indian Language Machine Translation System. Google, for example, offers to translate into English a webpage into several languages, once you get the search results. If you try this for Indian languages, all you normally get it gibberish.This is exactly what India needs to stay ahead in the global village.

I recall that a few years back, an OCR tool for Hindi and other Indian languages was developed in Kolkata, if I am right. I hope that that software too is perfected, which will allow users to scan printed vernacular documents and convert them to editable text files.

The Indian Language Machine Tranaslation System is an application, a software to be installed on a computer. You will just have to copy-paste the content from one language in one window and click a button. The translated version, along with the web pages and images will be visible in another window.

This is amazing stuff. My heartiest congratulations to all the developers.

Here is the link from where I got the news: - It's in Marathi