Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Media Economics

Recently, I came across a book on Media Economics. I was, and still am fascinated by the subject and have decided to include it in our curriculum. Though change in the syllabus will take some time, I have already started discussing the subject in the classroom. Most of the posts on this blog will deal with the subject of Media Economics for some time.

Here are some facts and figures:  

Media & Entertainment, 6th June 2009

  • Indian media and entertainment industry expected to clock a growth of about 19% by 2010 compared with a growth of 17% in year 2008.
  • The turnover of India's Media and Entertainment sector expected to double to about $20 billion (Rs.100,000 crore) by 2011-12.
  • Total turnover of the sector estimated at about $10 billion (Rs.50,000 crore) in 2008-09.
  • The turnover (including both subscription and advertising revenue) of the television segment expected to reach at $10.4 billion (Rs.52,000 crore) in the next three years from the current level of about $4 billion (Rs.20,000 crore).
  • Currently, advertising contributes about 80% and subscription the remaining 20% of the revenue of television segment