Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crowd Power

What do YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have in common? Crowds. That applies to all blogs and all online social media websites. If these websites don't have crowds with them, they will have to be shut down.

This is the age of crowdsourcing and crowd computing. For the time being let's not talk of TV channels, which are anyway facing problems in generating content. But the newly arriving 3G telephony is where we need to concentrate on. If 3G services are to be successful, all service providers will have to create or buy compelling content to keep their viewers hooked.

The service providers cannot be content (pun intended) and dependent on revenues generated by users browsing the internet or making phone calls. It is video that will play the most important role and it will not be surprising if 3G service providers turn to the crowds to generate their content.

The videos will have to be short, relevant and compelling, because longer videos will involve more data transfer and hence, more cost. One minute videos, one minute episodes of soap operas are bound to become popular.

No service provider would be willing to employ a large team of content producers to produce a variety of content. One, because it will involve huge costs, and two, because that would not be their core area of expertise. The best source will be crowds.

And that, in India, we have; in plenty.